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Welcome to CP

Welcome to College Park High School! We are glad that you are part of the Cavalier family. It is hard to believe that we are about to enter July and the start of school is getting closer. I have attached a Welcome to College Park handout with key information for you to use to prepare for the start of school. I hope that this helps over the next 6-weeks.

Due to the current health concerns, we have changed many things about the start of school or the weeks leading up to school. Orientations and open house are the first things to change. We will be posting schedules earlier and giving students the opportunity to resolve their issues via email and then live through a sign-up process. We will offer tours and days/times to walk schedules as we approach the beginning of the year. Open house will be done completely virtual as teachers will have video’s posted for you to watch and gain information about each class.

What will school look like? At this time, we are working our plans. As you have seen, some school district are announcing what they plan. We are waiting as a district until the Texas Education Agency announces all of the rules. Once that is done, we will announce our plan. We have been looking at a variety of options and ways to handle a lot of situations. We ask, that during this time, please be patient with us, relax and enjoy the time with your family. Please know that we are going to do everything we can to be safe. Also, please know that this is a tough situation for us as we know some will be happy and some will not with some of the decisions that are made. We are working to make the best decision for the situation for a large amount of the 60,000+ students in Conroe ISD. We will all work to make this the best possible situation.

What can you do to help? Please work hard to follow all of the guidelines that are currently in effect. Please stay home when possible, limit your exposure to non-family, limit traveling, practice social distancing, wear a mask when out, and follow all guidelines to hygiene during this time.

What is at risk if you do not follow guidelines? Returning to a normal school setting as soon as possible. Reduction, delaying, or cancelling of extra-curricular activities.

How can you prepare for on-line? Make sure that you have a quality internet connection. Please try to have computer devices for each student in the house.

When will school start? No matter what, school will begin on August 12.

What extra items will you need to start school? We recommend that every student has 2-3 masks that they are able to wash so that they can cycle through them during the week. We also recommend hand sanitizer (small) to carry with them during the day. We will have some available but this does make it more convenient.

Please watch for future emails with information regarding the start of school, the overall plans. We will have a lot of important information that we will be communicating so please take the time to read the emails that are sent out and you receive a text.

*Please Note: some items have already been altered in our Welcome to CP letter. Some policies will stand until further notice.

Welcome To College Park 2020-2021pdf