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CP UPDATE 3-2-2021

Parents and Students:

I hope everyone is off to a good week.  We are excited that we are about to close out the 3rd grading period and move to the last grading period of the school year.  It has been challenging for everyone but we keep getting better and moving forward.  I am very proud of our staff and all of their work, our students and the continual engagement/improvement, and our parents for staying focused on the education of their child.

I have a few pieces of information to communicate to help setup the next several weeks of school and things to look for:

Governors Mask Announcement
Governor Abbott has lifted the mask order for Texas beginning March 10, 2021.  Please know that this will not impact schools at this time.  We will be evaluating the best process and procedure with all the information provided.  We will communicate any changes.  Right now, our goal is to protect the integrity of the education of our students.  We do not want to risk the health and safety of our students or staff so masks will be requried until further notice.

Course Verification and Advanced Course Agreements
We will be making course requests available to view (in Parent/Student Access) sometime next week.  An email will go out explaining all the information you need to know and how to make changes.  Also, the Advanced Course Agreement will be active for parents to sign.  Please remember that your child will be removed from an advanced course if this is not complete by the indicated deadline.

STAAR (End of Course Exams)
We will be sending out an email concerning EOC exams that will begin the first week of April with English I and II.  If you are a remote student, you will need to be at the school to take the exam.  Directions on how remote students can request transportation (if necessary) for the EOC will be out soon.  We need everyone to take the exam and not miss an opportunity.  Please know that the exams are necessary for graduation.

Spring Break
As we approach this time off, I ask that everyone works hard to stay safe during this time.  Please make sure that you are taking all the precautions necessary to stay safe and healthy over this time period.  Especially with the virus, we do not want to see an out break as we had at the end of January.  We want to protect the 4th grading period, Prom, Graduation, and other end of the year activities.  Please help all of our Cavaliers be safe.

Have a great week!

Mark A. Murrell, Ed.D.
College Park High School