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Spring Update 3/5/21

Parents and students:

I hope that everyone is doing well and ready for the last 4 days of the grading period.  It will be a busy week for students with exams and assignments.  I hope that everyone gets everything done and the end of the grading period goes well.

Important Information:

With the recent removal of the mask mandate by the Governor, TEA, CISD, UIL, and the local health department have reviewed the entire situation.  The Governor lifted the mask mandate so that the local areas throughout the state can make the best decisions for the community.  As the vaccine is being rolled out, currently, less than 15% of the staff (teachers, aids, administrators/counselors, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, maintenance staff, and custodial) have received the full vaccination.

Although we realize the impact of the virus is lower on individuals under the age of 20, it does still pose a threat to the staff on each campus.  In order to protect the education of our children and in person instruction, we will continue with our current plan that is in place to keep the health and safety of our students and staff at the highest level possible.  Therefore, students, staff, parents, and guests will be required to wear masks at any of our CISD events or while at any of our facilities.

Please know that we understand that some have very strong feelings related to masks.  We make this decision to protect the school year, the health of our students and staff, and the ability to conduct events over the last few months that make the high school experience complete (Prom and Graduation).


We are still reviewing all of the current policies about capacity at events and locations.  If changes occur, we will notify you of the new standard.


We will be conducting the EOC exam for English I and English II the first week of April.  All students that are currently enrolled in English I and/or English II are required to take the EOC exam in order to graduate high school.  Also, students who received credit for English I or English II prior to the Spring of 2020 and did not pass the required EOC will also need to complete the exam for graduation.  All remote students will receive an email asking about their plan to attend school on the exam days so appropriate scheduling can occur.  We encourage all students needing the EOC exam to take it at this time so that we maximize opportunities for all students.

Spring Break

Please remember that Friday, March 12, 2021 is a student holiday and a staff development day.  Our team wishes all Cavalier families a safe and joyous break.  Please be safe and stay healthy.