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Core Academics
Academic subjects are the heart of the curriculum at College Park HS, with hopes of bringing academic recognition to our school. Emphasizing basic learning skills as well as enrichment and remediation, College Park HS offers a variety of academic courses in the areas of English, math, science, and social studies. Programs are also available in special services

Course selection should be given serious consideration both by students and parents. In assisting this process, College Park HS counselors offer continual support and information regarding requirements and placement for the courses. Before students select courses, counselors discuss course offerings with students in small groups. After a student has submitted a course selection, the counselor may be contacted to respond to concerns.

All classes at College Park HS are college preparatory. Students are assigned to classes identified as Level, Pre-AP and Advanced Placement. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and take courses at a level which they feel will best prepare them for future success. Although all courses have open enrollment during the pre-registration process, some students may be asked to attend an informational meeting if they wish to take courses considered to be more advanced than their current placement.

Students should plan ahead to make sure they are completing the required courses for graduation. The passing grade for all courses is 70. The recommended high school graduation requirements in the core academics include four (4) credits each in English, mathematics, science, and social studies.

A typical freshman is enrolled in English 1, World Geography, Algebra 1, and Biology. A schedule for the typical sophomore would include English 2, World History, Geometry, and Chemistry. A schedule for the typical junior would include English 3, US History, Algebra 2, and Physics. Seniors typically enroll in English 4, US Government, Economics, PreCalculus, and a science elective. Students must take core academic courses in sequence.